Calum Patrick.

Currently studying mathematics at the University of Waterloo, as well as designing and developing web apps in my free time using Node.js.



📈 Coindash.  

A dashboard for monioring the crypto market, and your own investments.

⛅ LocalWeather.

Plaintext description of the weather on top of beautiful relevant Unsplash images.

💰 TuitionCoins.

How much $$ UWaterloo students would have if they invested their tuition in bitcoin.

What I'm working on:

January 30th

  • ✅  Started Math 136 assignment 4

January 29th

  • ✅  Wrote ECON midterm
  • ✅  Prepared for Calc midterm
  • ✅  Started CS 136 assignment 3

January 28th

  • ✅  Prepare for ECON midterm

January 27th

  • ✅  Prepare for ECON midterm